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Client testimonials

Read these great client testimonials to find out more about hypnotherapy

I'm 57 years of age and I'm a Type 2 Sugar Diabetic for over 20 years. I'm on Metformin three times a day, NovaRapid twice a day and Lantus once a day. 

In August I went and saw Marion for the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy...WOW!!!!


Two days later, I dropped the NovoRapid as blood sugars dropped. Unbelievable.  


It's been nine weeks now and I've lost 10kg and expecting to drop some more weight and medications, AWESOME.


Marion was great although when I had finished my first session I was not sure about it but my hunger had gone more noticeable the next day I've stopped snacking or even wanting to. It is amazing what the body actually needs. 

I tried several diets in the last 10 or so years, but this is NOT a diet you eat what you want but lots less you don't want to eat more.


Team Bryan 

Marion you are THE STAR !!

Nelson, New Zealand

I couldn't speak more highly of Marion and the entire experience of Hypnotherapy. Professional, compassionate and understanding. I will definitely be coming back.

Sydney, Australia

It’s been a life time struggle to keep my weight under control and with yo-yo dieting. I’ve created so many unhealthy eating patterns, mental patterns in regards to food and unhealthy self image problems. All the above was heading towards a personal disaster!

I reached out and asked Marion for her help so I could take back the control over my eating, create and reinforce positive thoughts and start rebuilding my self esteem.

It’s early days and already changes mentally, physically and emotionally are happening which is exciting and encouraging to see🤸‍♂️

I really enjoyed and highly recommend the online experience with Marion. I could participate in the comfort of my own home without the extra expense of travel and accommodation plus time off work for every session. I look forward to hitting my goal weight without counting calories, without limiting my food options and in doing so with complete freedom. 

Nelson, New Zealand

I first went to Marion for a Virtual Gastric Band and over the four week period of treatment I lost 9 kilos, effortlessly. 


Marion is a warm, wonderful, bubbly person and extremely motivating. I no longer have the food cravings and the bad habits. I eat three small meals a day and I am fully satisfied with that. This programme is life changing and my partner is even losing weight. My only regret is not going to Marion sooner.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Marion has been an incredible help for me in my life. She is attentive and caring, but most importantly has helped me in ways I could never imagine possible.


I have always been interested in alternative therapies, and Marion's work has been life changing for me. Even if you're totally unsure but are interested in the idea of hypnotherapy, give her a call to open up the conversation, as she is so helpful throughout the entire exploration process. I highly recommend looking into hypnotherapy with Marion.

Brisbane, Australia

My life has changed completely since I came to see you for hypnosis. I was very skeptical at first as I thought nothing could help me. I was in total despair. What amazed me most was that it was so easy I never have urges to gamble anymore and this amazes me even more as my gambling urges were so strong.

I feel free and so much stronger I have a confidence and a belief in myself that I've never had before. I'm feeling so much more motivated at work and in my personal life. I wake up feeling hopeful instead of feeling sick with dread I feel as if a weight has been lifted. I am so grateful. 

Christchurch, New Zealand

90 days smoke free, 2709 cigarettes not smoked, $3087 saved!


I read an article in The Press about a woman’s success in losing weight with a Virtual Gastric Band. I had tried so many diets with varying degrees of success so thought this very different approach was worth pursuing.


I found Marion Soutter’s name on a website and it was clear at the first of my four one hour appointments that this was very different. Hypnosis is something I thought I might be resistant to, but from that very first day I knew there was a difference in my thinking.


I found Marion to be very positive with a lovely manner and the atmosphere in her room was peaceful and conducive to hypnosis. While my weight is going down I am no longer obsessed about it because I am feeling so positive and well. I like what I am seeing in the mirror, happily exercise each day, listen to my tape with Marion’s voice and I eat my three small meals a day. I eat normal food and I enjoy the odd glass of wine.


Thank you, Marion for facilitating this very different form of weight loss through a mind change.


I'm still not smoking and loving it. Hypnosis makes it so EASY!

Kaikoura, New Zealand

I never think of dieting anymore and the weight is slowly falling off. My clothes are so much looser and I feel great!


Marion I came to see you about a resentment I had held for so long and after working through it and feeling so much better I am now pleased to let you know I no longer have hay fever as a result of letting that resentment go.

Banks Peninsula, Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you so much Marion. My husband and I have just got back from our holiday in Colundra. I NEVER thought I would enjoy myself so much. The flight was amazing, I even had something to eat and drink. I was so amazed I had completely forgotten I even used to have a fear of flying. In fact I was even able to go up and down in a lift which for me is incredible. We are now talking about our trip to Europe.

Christchurch, New Zealand

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