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Hand with tapemeausre to signal weight lossLose weight effortlessly with the virtual gastric band hypnosis

Virtual Gastric Band

Marion is one of New Zealand's leading Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) specialists. Having trained with leading British Hypnotherapist and founder of the VGB program, Sheila Granger, Marion brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within this field having helped many people achieve their weight loss success effortlessly and easily.

Clinically trialed in the UK, this program has proven success with 95% of clients losing weight, up to 70kgs and many ranging between 20 - 40kgs. The results continue to be inspiring.

This is a highly effective, rapid and simple weight loss program that uses mind management techniques to help feel fuller quicker, on smaller portions of food, with those cravings for sugary foods disappearing. You will not feel deprived or hungry, it is not a diet.

Price: $795 package

Package: 4 Sessions + Recording

Session time: vary upon clients results

The virtual gastric band image of stomach with a band and what this will feel like
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